Who we are

Tourist host operator in Singapore, successfully providing a high level of service at the level of this country without being overpriced. The company has rich experience in tourism, especially in working with HI-END clients, where each employee is in their place and is an expert in this direction. The company has direct contracts with the best hotels in Singapore. The company is engaged in booking hotels, transfers, excursions, opening tourist visas to Singapore, working groups, and the most basic – detailed work with VVVIP clients.

The native format of work, with a synthesis of human communication and modern technologies, allows you to quickly and in detail cooperate with partners in the CIS. A business approach and an extended working day increase the chance to make a mutually beneficial deal for the VIP clients of our partners. Internal management and modern marketing help set up a partnership so that the entire work cycle does not exceed the specified norms and procedures in this business. The company carefully approaches new cooperation and sets up work in an individual concept with each new partner.

Why us?

  • We cooperate with all well-known and reliable operators.
    We make Singapore’s rigid system softer for more comfortable working conditions with us.
    We work for the Luxury Market – we study Singapore not from the cheap segment, but from the most expensive one. Starting from hotels, services, restaurants, leisure.
    We develop our products for partners and their clients based on our experience in the service for more than 12 years – all products are brought to 100% readiness.
    We have direct contracts with the best hotels, respectively, the working conditions are better, and the cost is more profitable.
    We open visas to Singapore for our clients ourselves – promptly.
    The office works longer than the others by 3 hours – when the rest closed their offices at 18:00, we are still online.
    We have extensive experience working with VIP clients (celebrities, government officials, low profile).
    All employees love their work and are experts in this field.
    We deal only with Singapore and Bintan and give a guarantee of customer and partner satisfaction.
    The internal system of work is based on prompt responses, high quality of confirmed services and reliability in cooperation.