19:30 – 22:30


A walk through the night jungle will begin with a spectacular show with burning torches.
And inside you will find animals brought from all over the world and placed on 4 hectares of the park.
The park is divided into seven geographical zones: “Himalayan foothills”, “Indian subcontinent”, “Equatorial Africa”, “Indo-Malay region”, “River forest of Asia”, “Nepal valley by the river”, “Hillside of the island of Burma”. And this is only a small part of the unique animals of the planet presented in the park, at the end of which you will see a show with animals.
The park is designed so that the animals do not even suspect that they are far from home, and so that people do not realize that they are half an hour from civilization. The jungle is untouched, which is neatly inscribed with a very comfortable infrastructure that allows you to be side by side with wild, predatory, and harmless but unique animals.
In the park, you will ride on an open tram without windows and doors through the real jungle, walk close to unique animals, including even African hyenas, Philippine cat bears.

Places to visit according to the program

Himalayan foothills
Indian subcontinent
Equatorial Africa
Indo-Malay region
Asian river forest
Nepalese valley by the river
Hillside of Burma Island
Electric car ride in the park 40 minutes
Walk through animal enclosures 40 minutes
Torch show
Animal show

Program includes

  • Licensed guide
  • Two way transportation
  • Entrance tickets

Dress code

  • Light comfortable clothes and shoes (shorts, T-shirts, light shoes)